What is your turnaround time for orders and delivery?

We do our best to get your order out to you asap, however it can get quite busy so please allow for your order to take between 2-10 working days to be made. If your item is required by a certain day please email to check that delivery can be when required. On receipt of shipping confirmation, this means your order is all done, packed up and ready to go. We live rurally so packages are dropped off, please allow time for this but just know that your goodies are on their way!  


What are your lunchbox labels and drink bottle decals made of?

A high performance PVC film with either a matte or gloss finish depending on the vinyl colour you choose.

What type of surface can i apply my decals to?

Simply apply to any flat and smooth surface. 

How long will my drink bottle decals and lunchbox labels stay on?

If care is taken they will stay on until you decide to remove them. The vinyl we use is high performance which means it is made to last.


Can I put my lunchbox and drink bottle decals in the dishwasher?

Our lunchbox and drink bottle decals are dishwasher safe depending on the surface it is applied too, so we recommend handwashing to ensure a long life of your decal. If you do want to put in the dishwasher, make sure you leave them for a couple of weeks first, as this allows more time for the glue to do it's thing. 


Are all your vinyl decals and labels easy to remove?

YES! They can easily be peeled off, and to make it even easier use a hairdryer.


Are your products easy to apply?

YES! They are super easy to apply and come with easy to follow instructions, these are also available on our website


What are your pantry labels made of?

They are made from premium quality, matte finish, rich tone removable vinyl with a water based clear adhesive.

How long will my pantry labels stay on for?

If you do not handwash on a daily basis your labels should last for up to 3 years. These are designed to stay on containers that are used for food storage e.g. Flour, not containers that are washed on a regular basis.

What type of surface can i apply my decals to?

Simply apply to any flat and smooth surface. Please note: tupperware (and products of similar style) has a textured surface, we have had success labelling these, but please order at your own risk. 

Can I put my containers with pantry labels in the dishwasher?

We recommend handwashing only.


What are your iron on labels made from?

Our iron on labels are made from a quality matte finish vinyl. 

What fabrics can you apply the labels to? 

You can apply our labels to any fabrics that can be ironed. We have tested on merino, polar fleece and even socks with great results!


How long will they last on my clothing?  

We don't yet have an end date... ours are still going!

What is the maximum temperature for the washing machine? 

They can be washed up to 80° degrees.


Are they easy to apply? 

YES! They are super easy! You will need an iron, and we will provide easy step by step instructions for you to follow... these can also be found here


How do I care for my clothing with vinyl transfers?

You can put your clothing from Vinyl Junkies in the washing machine, but just on a cold wash. We recommend that you do not tumble dry, and if you are finding them a little wrinkly make sure you iron on the back, or inside out. Do not iron directly on the print. Do not dryclean. 


What is our clothing made from?

All of our clothing is made from 100% cotton. The vinyl transfers are created with quality matte finish vinyl.


What is your clothing sizing like?

Little tees and onesies are ribbed and fitted, so you may like to go up a size to get more wear. Big tees, long sleeve tees and sweats are all true to size so go for the size the person normally wears! For measurements go to


What are your wall decals made of?

They are made from premium quality, matte finish, rich tone removable vinyl with a water based clear adhesive.

How long will wall decals last on my walls?

They will last for up to 3 years (indoors).

Can I use on freshly painted walls?

We recommend allowing freshly painted walls 2-3 weeks to fully cure before applying the wall decals.

Can I remove the wall decals?

YES! All of our wall decals will remove safely and for up to 3 years, leaving no sticky residue and walls all intact.

Can I use the wall decals on textured walls and wallpaper?

Our wall decals are not recommended for use on textured walls and wall paper. They are best used on a flat, smooth surface.


Can I reuse the wall decals?

Our wall decals can be reused but we don’t recommend it. If you do want to reuse, just be sure to be very careful when taking them off. A wee tip; try using a hairdryer on warm, this should help remove them easier without damage.

Can I use them in the bathroom?

For sure! Water and humidity don’t affect the wall decals. Just make sure when you apply them the surface is clean and dry.