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There is nothing more satisfying than opening your pantry to a vision of organisation! This vision became reality when we launched our first ever product in 2017, Pimp my Pantry. The excitement of possibilities begun from there, and we haven’t stopped creating!


I’m Nat! The owner of Vinyl Junkies. I was only 8 years old when I created an advert for a local newspaper and from that day on I was hooked. I always knew that design would be part of my life journey, however I drifted in and out. A chance meeting with a new friend ignited that real spark again and for that I will forever be grateful.


I had never run a business before, but I knew what great customer service looks like and had an eye for quality, which I believed would be a great foundation to give it a go! I will never look back. We bring the personal touch to customer service, we are a small business and I love being able to work directly with our customers to make sure we are creating to their needs.


It brings a smile to my face every time I have photos shared with me of your amazing creations. Whether that be an organised pantry, getting your kid’s school ready, creating a thoughtful gift for a loved one and my biggest joy, seeing your beautiful weddings come to life.  


Thank you to all of our continued customers and those who find us along the way, this small business dream wouldn’t be possible without your support xx



Owner, designer and all stuff admin! Nat is who you will find at the end of the keyboard responding to your messages and every request. She is the creator of our designs and works with you on all your custom needs. Born and breed in NZ, she recently relocated to Perth, expansion is on the horizon.

Thanks to our fab Vinyl Junkies family, we still remain NZ made!



The perfectionist! Madi is our decal guru. If your decals are big or small, she will be the one weeding the vinyl and making sure you have the perfect decal for your creation. A current high school student in Auckland with an entrepreneurial streak, this young lady is going places! But hopefully not far away from Vinyl Junkies, as we love her!

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